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Tourists make grim discovery in Sossusvlei dunes

Tourists make grim discovery in Sossusvlei dunes

Niël Terblanché

VISITORS walking in the dunes at Sossusvlei, of one of Namibia’s most iconic tourist destinations, were shocked when the discovered the lifeless body of man laying next to one of footpaths they were following.


Deputy Commissioner Eric Clay, the Hardap Regional Crime Investigation Coordinator of the Namibian Police, said the grim discovery was made at about 09:15 on Sunday morning. He said the deceased person was identified as a 63-year-old British national.


“No foul play is suspected at the moment. Only the tracks of the deceased person were found to where his body was discovered. There were also no other indications of a struggle or anything else that might have pointed to the fact the deceased person could have been the victim of a crime.”

Pictured: Visitors to Namibia walking in the iconic dunes at Sossusvlei. – Photo: Contributed

Deputy Commissioner Clay said that when the visitors found the man they were under the impression that he was sleeping. After trying to wake him up and getting no reaction they discovered that he was dead.


“At this stage we are still awaiting the results of the post mortem examination which would give us the actual cause of death but it is believed that he might have died as a result of a heart attack.”


An official at the British High Commission in Windhoek indicated that the Namibian Police did inform them about the incident and that they are still attempting to contact the deceased person’s next of kin to notify them about his untimely death.


“We cannot divulge the name of the deceased person at the moment because we are having trouble finding the deceased person’s immediate family.”


Deputy Commissioner Clay said the deceased person entered the Naukluft National Park on Saturday and that he stayed at one of the nearby tourist lodges.

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