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Day Zero looms ever closer for Hardap farmers

Day Zero looms ever closer for Hardap farmers

Gert Jacobie

PRODUCTION at the Hardap Scheme is still going ahead despite the harsh reality that it might come to complete halt within the next two months because of the critically low water level in the Hardap Dam.


Farmers at the irrigation scheme, in anticipation of Day Zero with regards to their use of irrigation water from the dam, will soon have to make a final decision on the road ahead.


An agreement was reached between Namwater and the farmers on the scheme to cut water consumption by 40 percent. The situation will be reassessed by the parties if and when the Hardap Dam receives inflow.

Footage: Courtesy of Dolf Bothma

The water level in the Hardap Dam is currently extremely low and without any further inflow, production of fodder and vegetables will have to be suspended.


In spite of the sword hanging over their heads the Bothma’s of Mariental are still delivering loads of Lucerne to the Super Farm of Namibia Dairies at the Hardap Sceme. Lucerne is a multi-annual crop that is harvested when in optimal production and then left to reproduce.

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