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Walvis Bay welcomes another cruise ship

Walvis Bay welcomes another cruise ship

Niël Terblanché

TOURISM at the Namibian Coast was given a booster injection with the arrival of three cruise liners over the past four weeks in the port of Walvis Bay.


The lasts arrival at the new passenger ship jetty in the port is the M/S Bremen, an expedition ship with a high level of comfort. Due to the small size of the ship, many small ports off the tourist routes are called upon.
Some research on the vessel indicates that this small but fine ship was put into service in 1990. At a length of 111 meters the M/S Bremen can accommodate up to 155 guests.


The ship provides expedition trips to the Antarctic, to Greenland and into areas off the normal cruise liner tourist routes.

The vessel has been operated by Hapag Lloyd since 1993. She was built as Frontier Spirit at the Mitsubishi Shipyard, Kobe, Japan, in 1990. During a storm in the Southern Atlantic in March 2001, a rogue wave caused heavy damage to the vessel. The surge of water even broke a window on the bridge. The incident left the ship adrift for two hours without propulsion.


During one of its expeditions to the Southern Ocean in 2003, a previously uncharted island in the Antarctic was discovered by Bremen and the island was subsequently named Bremen Island in 2004. The vessel was also featured in the TV show Killer Waves.


In 2006 she successfully ran the Northwest Passage assisted by satellite images that enabled the bridge crew to avoid sea ice and successfully navigating the route without the assistance of an ice breaker ship.


In July 2018, a crew member shot and killed a polar bear in the Svalbard archipelago. The company claimed that the incident could not have been avoided and was an act of self-defence.


Although the vessel only docked in Walvis Bay for a day, a large part of its passengers left the ship to travel Namibia for the next few weeks. Those passengers that disembarked to continue their adventure in Namibia were soon replaced by another contingent of visitors who flew into Namibia over the past few weeks.


They boarded the ship before it left the port again on its way to find a new adventure beyond the horizon

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