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Stock theft accused freed on bail

Stock theft accused freed on bail

Niël Terblanché

FOUR men from Okahandja, who were caught in the act of selling the meat of a stolen ox at a bar in Nau Aib, were freed on bail of N$3 000 each after their fists appearance on the charges of stock theft and the possession of an unlicensed fire arm earlier on Wednesday.


It is alleged that Aubrey du Plessis, Jandriaan Ettiene Coetzee, Leandro Schlechter and Paulus Tjisingi shot the ox with the unlicensed hunting rifle on Farm Gemsbokvlakte sometime between 10:00 and 20:00 on Monday.


During that time they loaded the ox and took it back the plot Kalkwerke on the outskirts of town where the butchered the animal.

They were caught at the Ombebe Bar and after their arrest the suspects pointed out where they dumped the intestines and skin of the animal next to the road that leads to the Veddersdal suburb of Okahandja.


Detectives of the Namibian Police also confiscated the unlicensed hunting rifle and two bakkies used by the suspects to transport the meat of the ox to certain selling points in the Nau Aib suburb. They sold the meat that would have brought the farmer an income of approximately N$15 000 for about N$2 200 to people at the bar.


Members of the police recovered the cash as well as some of the meat that were still being kept at the plot on the outskirts of Okahandja.


Du Plessis, Schlechter, Coetzee and Tjisingi made their first appearance on the charges of stock theft and the possession of an unlicensed fire arm in the Okahandja Magistrate’s Court.


Despite the seriousness of the charges against the four accused persons, the state did not oppose bail. The magistrate ordered that each of the accused persons pay N$3 000 and that their cars and other property be returned to them.


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