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Otjiwarongo residents urged to use water sparingly

Otjiwarongo residents urged to use water sparingly

Martrhina Mutanga

RESIDENT of Otjiwarongo are being urged to use water sparingly due to current water shortages at the main reservoir at the town.


NamWater is, however, in the process of replacing damaged pumps, as well as to clean boreholes that have been intruded by tree roots.


Adelheid Shilongo, spokesperson of the Otjiwarongo municipality, said they couldn’t predict if any further unscheduled water interruptions will occur amongst the NamWater borehole networks.


Residents, however, confirmed that they have been experiencing water cuts at the garden town.

Shilongo said several unscheduled power interruptions by Cenored, coupled with some NamWater boreholes that are out of operations, has contribute to the low water levels.


The municipality will shut down all the pumps that supply the municipal reservoirs from the NamWater reservoir.


“During this period some residents will run dry and some will experience low water pressure depending on the topographic location of individual properties form the town’s reservoir. Properties close to the reservoir will run dry and properties which are at the lowest point will experience low pressure,” noted Shilongo.


She further noted that if the rationing during nighttime does not bring sufficient relief to improve the Namwater reservoir level, the municipality will consider rationing the water supply during certain hours of the day to suppress the town’s demand by cutting 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.


This will only be done if the Namwater reservoir level fails to improve.


The current average daily water consumption is +/-4500 cubic meters per day. The municipality aims to reduce the consumption to +/- 3000 cubic per day until the water supply from Namwater is back to normal.

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