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Man hunt launched for cash in transit robbers

Man hunt launched for cash in transit robbers

Niël Terblanché

A TAXI driver from Katima Mulilo, who out of civil duty, followed a robbery gang’s getaway vehicle was wounded when the men shot at his vehicle after they stole almost N$700 000 from a cash in transit vehicle.


According to Commissioner Karel Theron, the Commander of the Namibian Police in the Zambezi Region, the daring robbery occurred at about 09:00 on Saturday morning at the Metro shopping complex in Katima Mulilo’s central business district. He said the robbers overpowered an employee of Northern Security and got away with N$663 713 in cash.


“From what we could gather from the security guard that was robbed, he was busy picking up money from businesses when four men suddenly swooped in on him. Some of the robbers grabbed him from behind and held him while they took his service pistol from him. Before jumping into a waiting getaway vehicle, the robbers grabbed the container in which the cash was going to be transported to the bank.”

Commissioner Theron said the taxi driver saw the entire robbery and decided to follow the gang in order to relay information about their whereabouts to the police.


“The road to Kongola is very busy at that time of the morning and when the robbers saw that they were being followed they stopped their car and fired several shots with the security guard’s gun at the taxi. Some of the bullets struck the vehicle and in the process the driver was wounded in his left leg.
Commissioner Theron said the robbers fled further on foot.


“The taxi driver did not receive a direct hit from the bullets fired at him but was only grazed by the shrapnel. He was taken to hospital none the less and is still receiving treatment.”


According to Commissioner Theron all available officers have been mobilised to look for the four suspects. He said the authorities in both Botswana and Zambia has been notified of the incident and were requested to be on the lookout for the robbery gang.


“We have a very good relationship with the police forces of the countries bordering Namibia in our area and if the robbers do cross into either one of the countries we will definitely be notified. In the meantime we have also increased our presence on the known border crossing points.”


According to Commissioner Theron detectives are still trying to trace the owner of the getaway vehicle that was found where the robbers abandoned it next to the Kongola road and that no arrests have been made yet. None of the cash have been recovered either he said.

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