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More good rains reported in the south

More good rains reported in the south

Niël Terblanché

PEOPLE living in southern Namibia celebrated a third day of rain in places that in some cases has not had any rain for the past two years.


Farmers in the area of Malthöhe, Mariental and Gochas reported strong downpours in their area on Friday afternoon. A strong shower fell in the town of Mariental as well.


Residents of Keetmanshoop and the surrounding farms also reported good rains coming down.

One Farmer in the area of Grunau further to the south west experienced good rain that was accompanied by hail in the mid afternoon on Friday.
Residents of Windhoek watched the sky in anticipation as thick thunderclouds gathered above but no significant no significant rain was reported.


Despite the forecast of the Namibia Meteorological Service that the rain will clear up for a while Namibians will stand strong in their hope that more rain will pour down.


Sunny and very hot weather conditions are predicted for the Zambezi Region while elsewhere in the country partly cloudy and hot to very hot conditions are predicted.


At the coast partly cloudy and cool to warm weather conditions with fog patches in places are predicted for the rest of the day.

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