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72 aliens nabbed, 52 drivers fined in one day

72 aliens nabbed, 52 drivers fined in one day

Placido Hilukilwa

THE one-day operation conducted by the Police Women Network in the Oshana Region this earlier this week was a resounding success, having nabbed a total of 72 illegal immigrants, apprehended one drug dealer and having dished out 52 tickets to suspected traffic law violators.


The operation was conducted by the women in uniform in the three towns of the Oshana Region – Ondangwa, Ongwediva and Oshakati – as well as in the rural villages of the region on Wednesday.


According to police regional commander, Commissioner Rauha Amwele, the overwhelming majority of the illegal immigrants who are now behind bars are Angolans, mostly hawkers who were found either without entry permits or with expired visas.


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She said that an immigration tribunal will now have to sit to decide their fate, which normally entails sending them back to their country of origin.
Amwele further said that traffic tickets were issued to 52 drivers who were either driving without (or with expired) driver’s licenses or driving cars that are not roadworthy.


“Two men were arrested separately for failing to prove legal ownership of the guns they were carrying. However, both were eventually released after their gun licenses were presented to the police,” said Amwele.
Amwele also revealed that the operation was a joint effort by the police women and officials from the MVA Fund, Immigration, Customs and Forestry.


“The operation was not only meant to combat but equally to prevent crime through education,” she said, adding that officers interacted with shebeen-owners and their patrons sensitizing them on the issue of gender-based violence and the negative effects of alcohol and drug abuse.


The operation also targeted bus terminals where long-distance bus drivers were encouraged to keep passenger sheets in their busses and also leave copies at the departure points to facilitate the identification of passengers in case of a serious accident.


She thanked members of the community for their “excellent cooperation” with the law enforcement officers during the recent operation.
The Police Women Network – a SADC-wide organization – conducts a one-day operation in all SADC countries in November every year.


However, Wednesday’s operation was an initiative of the NamPol management in the Oshana Region.
“The yearly operation will still take place in November,” said Amwele.

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