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Maintenance urgently needed at Katutura State Hospital

Maintenance urgently needed at Katutura State Hospital

Marthina Mutanga

LACK of maintenance by the Ministry Of Works and Transport has caused the Katutura State Hospital to reach a stage of disrepair that borders on horrific dilapidation.

The hospital needs a lot of urgent repair and maintenance work to be done urgently. Problems with regular water leakage, broken sewage systems and electricity supply interruptions are at the order of the day.

Katutura State Hospital superintendent, Dr. Fady Ashmawy, in an interview with Informanté said the facility is in a really bad condition because the Ministry of Works and Transport is not doing its job to help repair the hospital, as they are mandated to do.

“We have lodged our complaints with the Ministry of Works to be assisted on things that need urgent attention but we are suffering from their lack of action,” noted Fady.

Dr. Fady said the water leakages caused by water pipes that burst every other day is the biggest problem and needs urgent attention and maintenance.

Ashmawy explained that some infrastructure at the hospital have not been maintained since 1975 when the hospital was officially opened.

He said they can’t deny that several pictures from the public that expose the shocking condition of the eighth floor children’s ward at the hospital. The superintendent added that it is now creating an inhumane situation and a horrific hygiene issue because people cannot be prevented from using the toilets. He said the smell eventually becomes unbearable at times.

Several toilets from different floors are not in operational condition and family members have to bring portable basins for patients who are admitted, as the washbasins are broken and out of order.

Ashmawy said that the building is getting old and that the budget for maintaining the facilities comes from the government and that currently they only have cleaners that really tries hard to keep the building clean.

“We won’t stop improving the Katutura Hospital because we are a referral hospital and we operate 24 hours per day. There is no way we can close down the hospital for maintenance,” said Ashmawy.

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