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Third suspect in Outjo farm attack arrested

Third suspect in Outjo farm attack arrested

Niël Terblanché

DILIGENT police work led to the arrest of a third man in connection with the shooting incident on Farm Gemsbokoord where the foreman was shot and wounded during an attack by his coworkers.


The attack occurred on Monday evening when the farm foreman, André Shepherd and his wife were on their way back to the farm. He was shot and wounded in the chest by one of the suspects.


The suspects blockaded the access road to the farm with tree branches and rocks and shot Shepherd after he cleared away the debris from the road.
The 20-year-old Elvis Garab was arrested on Wednesday by detectives investigating the murder attempt. The arrest follows a day after the first two suspects the 25-year-old Mathues Samba Mukuve and the 21-year-old Evalistus Innocentius were taken into custody.

According to Deputy Commissioner Naukalemo Andreas detectives found the fire arm with which Shepherd was shot in the possession of Garab.
Garab, Mukuve and Innocentius now all face charges of attempted murder, house breaking and theft as well as theft of a motor vehicle.


The three accused persons made their first appearance in the Outjo Magistrate’s Court on Thursday morning where they were officially informed about the charges they face.


After their rights with regard to legal representation were explained the three men indicated to court that they will apply for state lawyers to represent them
The prosecutor informed the presiding magistrate that the state opposed bail and applied to the court to remand the accused persons in police custody until their next appearance.


The seriousness of the matter and the fact that the police investigation is not yet completed were amongst the grounds on which bail was opposed.
The presiding magistrate granted the application of the state prosecutor to keep the accused persons incarcerated and postponed the matter until 12 December 2019.


In the meantime Shepherd underwent surgery to remove the bullet lodged in his body in a Windhoek hospital.

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