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Turn Back Crime launch was long overdue

Turn Back Crime launch was long overdue

Maria David

OMUSATI Regional Governor Erginus Endjala said that this week’s launching of the “Turn Back Crime” initiative in the region was long overdue because the region has been facing a scourge of cross-border crimes such as the smuggling of illicit drugs, counterfeit and stolen goods as well as human trafficking.
Speaking at the launching ceremony at Outapi Endjala said that the crime prevention initiative puts the police and the society in control of the situation, replacing fear of crime with knowledge.
Endjala further said that the new crime prevention initiative is already bearing fruits as statistics show a significant decrease in cases of drugs trafficking, from 51 cases last year to only 29 cases so far this year.
According to him the police are winning the war against illegal hunting, having arrested 51 suspects and resolved 25 cases of a total of 29 cases reported to the police since January.
“The launching of this crime combatting initiative came at the right time when the region is busy fighting illegal hunting of protected game,” said Endjala.
According to him, the species that are mostly targeted are rhinos and the pangolin. “Many of the illegal hunters were arrested and the cooperation of the society is expected to be enhanced by the launching of this project,” he said.
The Inspector-General of the Namibian Police, Sebastian Ndeitunga, in a speech read on his behalf, said that the NamPol management has resolved to roll out the Turn Back crime initiative to all fourteen regions.
The initiative has thus far been launched in Oshana, //Karas, Erongo, Otjozondjupa, Kavango East, Zambezi and Ohangwena.
“The campaign aims to raise awareness on the dangers of organized crime and its impact on our everyday life,” he said.
Ndeitunga stated that the campaign is also reaching out to businesses and policy makers in a bid to form a united front against contemporary crime challenges and to support the ongoing efforts of the global law enforcement community.

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