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Miracle at Etanga Village

Miracle at Etanga Village

Marthina Mutanga

THE nine-year-old Bethold Koruhama, from the Etanga Village near Opuwo, miraculously survived when the walls of a well collapsed on top of him after he accidentally slipped and fell into the deep hole.
Speaking to Informanté, Kauta Koruhama, who is an uncle to the young boy, confirmed that the kids where playing near the water well when Bethold decided to drink water. He accidently slipped and fall into the well, at which time the walls collapsed and the sand covered him up.
The younger boys who were playing with Bethold tried to rescue him but the sand was still falling into the well, slowly covering him as his friends frantically tried to pull him out. One of the boys ran to the police station to ask for help. This prompted a man and a nurse to drive to the water point. Kauta said when they arrived at the well, young Bethold’s body had been completely buried under the sand. They manage to dig him out just in the nick of time.
“We took him to the clinic and washed him off. Because the sand was covering his nostrils, he was struggling to breathe” said Kauta. Young Bethold woke up earlier today, only complaining about a back pain. At the time of publishing, the family was on the way to the Opuwo Hospital to check for possible internal injuries.
The residents of Etanga village, which is situated about 100 kilometres west of Opuwo, are now having to pay money to obtain water from the only remaining functional government borehole at the village. They pay N$2 for a 20-litre container of water.
The only other water point in the area is about five kilometres away from Etanga, making it difficult for residents of this village to collect water from there, as many do not have any readily available transportation.

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