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Okamatapati Youth unhappy

Okamatapati Youth unhappy

Marthina Mutanga

THE youth and residents of Okatjoruu and Okamatapati in the Otjozondjupa region have expressed dismay and disappointment at the recruitment of some ‘liberation struggle kids’ at the constituency offices in the respective towns.
The Otjozondjupa Regional Council’s public relations officer, Cornelia Shikongo, said they will resolve the matter at a management meeting on Friday. “The youth of the Okatjoruu have been camping outside of the offices for days, not allowing the struggle kids to enter the office and start with their job”, Shikongo added.
Okatjoruu and Okamatapati have unemployed youth that are surviving on their grandparents’ income, and they believe these jobs would have empowered them, with little to no other employment opportunities for them elsewhere.
Tjeripo Tjikua, who handed the petition to the Otjozondjupa Regional Council, said the youth are insisting on the Prime Minister’s office to relook at its recommendation and rescind the employment of the struggle kids with immediate effect. They also demand the positions be advertised to all Namibian youth, while remaining cognizant that such employment opportunities should first be earmarked for local communities as a means for Government to uplift the living standards of the communities living in those specific areas.
“We the youth of Otjituo settlement will be camping at the Constituency office until we get answers. Those children of the liberation struggle employed here will not be allowed on the premises until the matter is resolves”, stated Tjituka.
In the Okamatapati village Vevangaune Kazondovi also handed over a petition, stating that they felt that the unemployed youth of Okamatapati has been overlooked and are claiming unfair practice by the government, in terms of Article 8 of the Namibia Constitution. They feel that there are capable people in the immediate area for the posts that have been filled by people who came from as far as 500km away.
“There are people who had been volunteering for more than 5 years in the same positions. There are also children of freedom fighters from the community and other members of the society whom the office is meant to serve, all of whom were left behind”, Kazondovi said.
Kazondovi added that this issue was brought up before the posts were filled, and the community are not going to allow people from other places to come and take the little opportunities any of them have for employment. She insisted that they will boycott the elections unless this problem is solved.

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