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Three members of dangerous robbery gang arrested

Three members of dangerous robbery gang arrested

Niël Terblanché

THREE dangerous robbers that was part of a gang of seven that assaulted and robbed a group of Chinese builders in Walvis Bay last Wednesday were arrested in Okahandja after a relentless man hunt by members of the Namibian Police.
At the time of the incident members of the gang were armed with pangas and knives when they jumped over the boundary wall of XYZ Investments in the new Industrial Area of Walvis Bay under the cover of darkness.
The robbers assaulted the Chinese men and a Namibian woman that were sleeping in an apartment with the pangas and demanded that all the cash in the house should be handed over to them.
According to Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, the Erongo Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, the robbers managed to steal ten mobile phones valued at N$40 000, one laptop computer, three Chinese passports, cash in the amount of N$30 000 and US$800 and two driving licenses.”
A follow up operation by the Serious Crime Investigations Sub-division saw the arrest of four of the men suspected to part of the robbery gang later during Wednesday, while two taxis used as the getaway vehicles were impounded.
Two men managed to escape arrest by running away from the arresting officers and a third suspect was identified by those already in custody.
The 24-year-old Shaanika Erastus, Nehale Stefanus (40), Abraham Shivute (28) and the 26-year-old Stephanus Angula that were arrested during the initial follow-up operation made their first appearance in the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court on Friday. They were all remanded in custody and the matter was postponed until 12 November.
Members of the Serious Crime Investigations Sub-division after a sustained search arrested the remaining suspects in Okahandja on Friday.
The three remaining suspects will make their first appearance in the Walvis Bay Magistrate Court later today.

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