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Swapo rallies people in Erongo

Swapo rallies people in Erongo

Niël Terblanché

THE Swapo Party needs another five years, to maintain peace, unity and stability and the opportunity to weather economic headwinds the country faces to safeguard the sovereignty of Namibia.
The row between the Namibian Broadcast Corporation and the Namibian Government about financing has now escalated to the point where the ruling party accused the national broadcaster of inaccurate coverage after the institution published pictures on the internet that was not of the party’s star rally held in the Kuisebmond Stadium over the weekend.
Earlier the NBC board threatened that austerity measures implemented recently because of limited government funding will interfere with its ability to broadcast certain Government related events.
In a letter addressed to the Director General of the NBC, Stanley Similo, the Swapo Party Secretary for Information and Mobilsation, Hilma Nicanor, demanded that the institution rebroadcast its coverage of the star rally which should depict the thousands of people attending the rally in Walvis Bay.
The latest spat erupted as Presidential and National Assembly Elections loom ever closer the ruling Swapo Party held its colourful star rally in the Erongo Region over the weekend.

The star rally follows the launch of the ruling party’s Election Manifesto which they describe as ‘The roadmap to a brighter future’ in the North a week ago.
The party president, Dr. Hage Geingob, called on the thousands of party faithful packing the stands around the arena to give the Swapo Government another term to rule.
Dr. Geingob lauded the party for its track record of governance and said Swapo is the only party able to formulate, promote and implement policies that will guarantee inclusive development and shared prosperity in Namibia.
“Give SWAPO another five years, to maintain peace, unity and stability and the opportunity to weather economic headwinds and so to safeguard the sovereignty of Namibia. The Swapo Party Government needs another term to finish the work already started – to expand the horizons for inclusive development and shared prosperity,” Dr. Geingob said.
The party president said Swapo has a track record spanning 29 years, during which it delivered tangible results in the areas of governance, macroeconomic performance and socio-economic development. He said that the ruling party has delivered a government for the people, by the people.
“A clear illustration of this is the recently concluded Town Hall meetings, where we visited all 14 regions of the country to interact with the masses. Approximately 19 000 Namibians from all walks of life participated in 101 hours of dialogue, where we gave an account of our actions to our bosses, the ultimate sovereigns. In total we received 1 083 questions and proposals from the regions and we intend to respond to all the issues raised.”
Dr. Geingob said that given the track record Swapo is the only party that can guarantee Namibia a continued and positive growth trajectory. He said the ruling is focussed on the future and continually reinventing and renewing itself.
He said change is the only constant, but hard work lies ahead to ensure peace, unity and development; to stabilize the economy and continue Namibia’s economic growth and development; to fight Gender Based Violence, corruption and other serious crimes.
“Comrades, another National Election beckons for the people of Namibia and the time has come for SWAPO to do what it does best. Participate in and win elections.”

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