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Five suspected drug dealers arrested in Omaruru

Five suspected drug dealers arrested in Omaruru

Niël Terblanché

IN the ongoing battle against the proliferation of illicit drugs in communities across Namibia, members of the Drug Law Enforcement Sub Division of the Namibian Police arrested five suspected drug dealers in Omaruru.
According to the Erongo Regional Crime Investrigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu the suspects were taken into custody during focussed operation at the start of the weekend.

In the first instance the 21-year-old Rodney Goraseb was arrested in the Ozondje Location after he was found in possession of two full and two quarter pieces of mandrax tablets. The suspect also had 220 grams of cannabis in his possession.
The value of the illicit drugs are estimated to be N$2 350.
The 28-year-old Elliot Uirab was arrested in the same neighbourhood as the first suspect when officers found 15 small bags of cannabis and one quarter piece of a mandrax tablet worth N$775 in his possession.
The 21-year-old Lucky Doeseb was also arrested when members of the drug law enforcement division found one full, two halves and four quarter pieces of mandrax tablets on his person. The suspect also had 11 small parcels dagga in his possession. The total value of the illicit drugs is estimated to be N$525
Samorai Neib, aged 19, was found in possession of 98 grams of cannabis which is valued N$980.
The fifth suspect, the 17-year-old Mario Goreseb, was arrested in Sam Ashipala Street in Omaruru when officers found one small bag of dagga worth N$50 in his possession.
According to Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu all the suspects were charged with possession and dealing in illicit drugs and is set to make their first appearance on these charges in the Omaruru Magistrate Court on Monday.

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