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Water flowing in Damaraland

Water flowing in Damaraland

Gert Jacobie

WITH reports of light rain over mostly the northern parts of the country, this video-clip from Dunkin Ghilcrest of a river flowing just southwest of Grootberg in Damaraland, is the probably the hit of the moment.
The clip was made on Friday just before sunset, while reports of light showers came rushing in from places like Khorixas, Kalkfeld and Omaruru. Uis also reported some drops, where a bachelors’ party turned into an outside affair to celebrate the start of the rainy season.
From the Kwando and Kongola travellers reported showers and much further south, near the Gamsberg good showers were reported on Saturday.
Farmers are rejoicing in the hope of bush flowering for immediate relief from the dire situation that currently exists.
Weather pages on the internet predict more possible showers in the next week or so, flaring the flames of hope.
In the far north along the along the border with Angola, the possibilities of rain is best right now, with the focus kept on the Angolan Highlands around Huambo and Kuito Bié, where the Kavango and Kunene rivers originate. The Cubango draining system is crucial in feeding the swamps on the border between Namibia and Botswana. Hundreds, if not thousands animals, have already perished in the harsh conditions in paradise.
Commercial farmers are positive that a good early season is on hand and that they can prepare to rebuild their businesses.

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