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Teacher accused of abduction, sex acts, back in the spotlight… as her rape victim goes missing

Teacher accused of abduction, sex acts, back in the spotlight… as her rape victim goes missing

Zorena Jantze

SUIDERLIG High School teacher, Valery Bock, who is currently on trial for five counts of abduction and two counts of committing an immoral act with a 15-year-old learner, is back in the spotlight after her victim reported went missing last month.

The mother of the young learner reported Bock to the police in April last year after finding out that Bock was having a sexual relationship with her underage daughter, which led to her arrest. 

Bock has, however, since been released on bail and the mother fears that her missing daughter may be back in the “lion’s den” as she has traced her daughters cellphone correspondence to that of Bock’s residence.

In an interview with the Informanté, the missing girl’s concerned mother narrated how Bock started an illicit lesbian affair with her under age daughter last year January by luring her daughter with gifts such as a cellphone, food, clothes, road trips and Valentine’s day gifts. 

She stated that her daughter on 20 September this year decided not to attend school as she stated that it was a clean-up day. Upon her return from work, however, the mother found her daughter gone without an explanation.

UNDER SCRUTINY: Suiderlig High School teacher Valery Bock (45) is accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with a grade 9 pupil from PK de Villiers High School in Keetmanshoop.

“She stayed at home with her father. When I came home at about 16h00, I asked her father where our daughter is. He stated that she had packed a bag with clothes and a pillow and left in the morning,” the mother stated. 

She stated that they went on a frantic search all over town, but came up empty handed.

The day after her disappearance, said the mother, her worst fears were eased as she received a text message from her daughter around 13:00  telling her that she is okay, and that she would come back home soon.

The mother states that her daughter has not returned home, and has since sent her a string of text messages, reassuring her of her safety. 

“I called the number she messaged me from, however, she did not answer and only texted that she’s okay and that she will eventually return come home. With each text, she states that she is in a different town and will only return the next day. Yesterday she said she is in Mariental,” the distressed mother said.  

She stated that the Caller ID from which her daughter has been sending all the messages is registered as “Valery’s rent house”. 

Upon this discovery, she states that she notified the police, which led to the searching of Bock’s residence twice, but police found nothing.

 “She’s only 16-years-old, and she hasn’t been home since 20 September. I am not even sure if the person texting is my daughter, as she has never answered when I call. I feel very sad. She has abandoning her schoolwork for this woman. She’s only in grade 9,” the mother explained. 

Albeit the serious charges of abduction and the contravening of the Immoral Practices Act 21 of 1980, Bock continues to teach at the school with no disciplinary action taken against her. 

Lawyer Ruth Herunga, acting on behalf of the victim’s family, stated that this incident is very unfortunate. 

“The accused violated her bail conditions before and now the victim is missing. We should not lose sight of the fact that the victim is still under aged and was previously found by the police in the closet of the accused. The victim has been missing since last month and we now need to intensify our search to find her. If there is anyone with information regarding the victim, kindly contact the police immediately,” Herunga pleaded.

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