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Meticulous thieves conceals crime for weeks

Meticulous thieves conceals crime for weeks

Niël Terblanché

THE actions of meticulous criminals observed by security guards on duty at a communications tower near Usakos could lead to a breakthrough in a case where the theft of N$200 000 worth of deep cycle batteries was concealed for about a month.
The batteries were used to power Telecom Namibia’s communications relay station at Trigbaken.

Picture: Batteries similar to those stolen at the Telecom Namibia’s Trigbaken relay station outside Usakos. – Photo: Courtesy of the Namibian Police in the Erongo Region.

According to the incident report provided by the Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, the Erongo Regional Crime Investigations Coordinator, the batteries was stolen from the steel container inside a small area under the communications tower that is fenced off with barbed wire sometime during September.
“The theft of the batteries that is constantly charged by solar panels was only discovered by Telecom technicians at the end of September. The burglars gained entrance to the container by cutting the padlock and removed 40 of the special batteries. The suspects then replaced the damaged lock with a new one which meant their crime went unnoticed for about a month.”
Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu said the information provided by security guards about movements of people they observed at the site is central to the police investigation into the matter.

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