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Stone-throwers ambush vehicles in Ohangwena

Stone-throwers ambush vehicles in Ohangwena

Placido Hilukilwa

ROAD-USERS in the Ohangwena Region are in constant danger of being attacked by unknown individuals who throw stones at passing vehicles or place huge rocks on the road during the evening.
Occurrences of this new and worrying crime trend were reported recently on the main road between Onhuno and Eenhana.
Police spokesperson Abner Kaume Itumba said that the phenomenon was in the past blamed on naughty kids, but it is now becoming clear that there is something more to the story.
Itumba speculated that those who throw stones want the driver to lose control over the vehicle so that it would overturn for the attackers to rush to the scene and steal whatever valuable item they would find.
He mentioned a recent incident near Ondobe where the private vehicle of an NBC journalist was attacked with stones and its windscreen and side window badly damaged.
However, the driver managed to keep the vehicle under control.
Itumba further speculated that the placement of rocks in the road is an attempted robbery.
“They want the vehicle to stop and if the driver is alone they would overpower and rob him or her,” he said as he warned road-users and local villagers to be alert and to immediately report any incident to the nearest police precinct.

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