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Omaruru gears up for Street Mile

Omaruru gears up for Street Mile

Aili Iilonga

THE much-anticipated seventh edition of the Omaruru Powersave Street Mile is in its final preparation stages and is set to take center stage in Omaruru on Saturday.
The 1.6km run is expected to host over a 1,000 athletes from different parts of the country, all competing in 10 different categories and age groups.

COMPETITION AHEAD: Omaruru will host the 7th edition of the Powersave 1.6km run on 12 October. – Photo: Contributed

Speaking at a press conference held in Windhoek today, race coordinator and regional sport officer, BK Karumendu, said that the race will have eight starting plates with a 30 minute breaks in between,.
The competition is open to everyone.
Karumembu hopes that after 10 years, the competition will grow drastically that it will attract a larger crowd consisting of international participants.
Registration is free for primary learners and juniors, while seniors will pay N$ 40.

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