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Elderly people become victims of exploitation

Elderly people become victims of exploitation

Marthina Mutanga

LAND provided to the elderly people of Outjo in an effort to provide accommodation for them are increasingly being invaded by younger people who then set up shebeens within the housing schemes and is causing civil disorder amongst residents.
Chief Executive Officer of the Outjo Town Council, Joseph /Urib, said the mushrooming of shebeens have become a concern to the town management where the exploitation of elderly people and their safety is concerned.
/Urib noted that worse still; many of the shebeens at the small town are illegal and are not register to operate under the Liquor Act of 1988.
Shebeen owners are required to get an annual license, but /Urib says a large number of them have not approached the town council for approval to operate.
“We only provided the land to the elders who are struggling to have accommodation, now there are many shebeens operating and making noise and too many crimes take place at the watering holes,” /Urib explained.
Violence and other serious crimes are often linked to these shebeens, said Urib, who added that alcohol consumption at illegal watering holes is out of control.
According to him, weekly and sometimes even daily police raids have failed to contain the situation, with illegal shebeens selling liquor to underage children while operating past acceptable hours.
Selling drugs has also become common at these establishments, he added.

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