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Group of men campaigns against domestic violence

Group of men campaigns against domestic violence

Placido Hilukilwa

A GROUP of men has intensified their campaign against domestic violence in the Northern regions of Namibia by using churches as a platform to reach their intended audience.
The men-only Omakanda Group was founded years ago when a number of men, who were concerned about the wave of domestic violence sweeping across Namibia, came together to establish an association specializing in sensitizing fellow men against the victimization of women and children.
The group uses churches as a platform to reach their intended audience.
During the men’s latest visit to a church this past Sunday, members of the group addressed congregants of the Othika Lutheran parish in the Omusati Region.
The group was accompanied by the Oshakati-based Zal’Onyati Choir to help drive the message home with its lively songs.

Pictured: Members of the Omakanda Group pictured with members of the Zal’Onyati Choir (in white T-shirts). Standing from left to right are: Engelbert Amuulo, Petrus David, Peter Mutumbulwa, Soondah Amwaama, Henrich iita, Martin Lazarus, Linus Shiimi, Christofina Welhelm, Johannes Shivute, Vilho Shilongo, Erastus Amesho and Hendrina Shuumbwa. Front: Sigfried Tshongola, Petrus Akawa and Johannes Nakankeya. – Photo: Placido Hilukilwa.

“Namibian men must fear God and consider women as their equals. That is the only way we would eradicate domestic violence from the face of Namibia,” said Erastus Amesho who addressed the congregation on behalf of the group.
He said that their campaign targets men who are the main perpetrators of domestic violence, to persuade them to adopt a new culture that recognizes women as equals and instil a change of attitude and a move closer to God.
“Our campaign against domestic violence mostly uses churches as platform to reach men who are our main target, but women and youth are not excluded because, even though men are the main culprits in cases of domestic violence, there are also instances where women are the perpetrators,” he said.
The group’s all-male membership currently stands at 29 men. Members hail from all walks of life and include business personalities, private sector employees and public servants such as teachers, police officers and members of the Namibian Defence Force.
The group gave a cash donation of N$1 600 to the Othika parish, but Amesho said that giving donations is not their main purpose.
“Members are free to put money together and give to the church we are visiting, but that is not our main aim. Our aim is to deliver the message against domestic violence,” he said.

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