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NCF unhappy about Africa Road Cup cancellation 

NCF unhappy about Africa Road Cup cancellation 

Aili Iilonga

THE Namibia Cycling Federation (NCF) has expressed dismay at the recent cancellation of the Africa Road Cup, which would have been the last qualification chance for road race queen, Vera Adrian, for the 2020 Olympic Games.

It would have also been a platform for other cyclist to prove their worth for the final team selection. 

THE Africa Road Cup was supposed to take place in Port Elizabeth this coming weekend, but was called off last minute,  delivering a tough blow to the namibian team that relied on the event to collect ‘easy points’ and qualify for the Tokyo Olympics as the 27 October deadline approaches. 

UNCERTAIN FUTURE: Namibia’s road race queen Vera Adrian is unsure of her 2020 Tokyo Olympic Qualification after the cancellation of the Africa Road Cup. Photo Contributed

An official from the NCF said that the situation is a sad one for the federation.

“It’s a sad situation and there is nothing we can do now. At this stage, I can say that there is not an event I know of where she can collect easy points unless in Europe, but we all know how hard competitions are there and it will not be easy,” said the official.

He also added that other cyclist did not garner enough UCI points to qualify for next year.

“At this stage, other cyclists do not have any UCI points as they have not participated at international events. Adrian was earmarked to go to the Olympics and we can only hope that she makes it through,” he added. 

Adrian is Namibia’s road race champion and previously won two bronze medals at the African Games, as well as a bronze medal in the  Individual Time Trial (ITT) category.

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