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NamWater students graduate

NamWater students graduate

Business Reporter

A TOTAL of one hundred and twenty-eight students equipped with technical skills graduated from the NamWater Human Resources Development Centre (HRDC).
Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Anna Shiweda, stated that there is a need for a paradigm shift from the notion of graduating to be a job seeker to an attitude that envisions and strives towards self-employment and job creation.
“As you are aware, hundreds of graduates remain unemployed. This is partly to be attributed to the mentality of our graduates who often study and graduate with the hope to be employed by either the government of private sector,” she said.


She added that in the case of the graduates’ technical skills in the areas of bricklaying, plumbing, electrical and others, their skills allow for them to be self-employed and to be employers.
“It is important to highlight that worldwide, countries’ economies are not build by white collar professions but by the blue collar professions such as yours. Your trait and skills are, therefore, not only important for the water supply sector, but are critically required by individual house households and businesses,” Shiweda noted.
She further said that there is a need to combine acquired skills into one reliable enterprise that provides services to these sectors.
“I encourage you to investigate how you can form partnerships and become entrepreneurs to add value to the Namibian economy. There are financial facilities to support youth initiatives. One of such facilities is the Youth Skills Based Lending Facility, which is administered by the Development Bank of Namibia,” Shiweda advised.

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