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MTC winners to get full Rugby Wold Cup treatment

MTC winners to get full Rugby Wold Cup treatment

Aili Iilonga

EIGHT sports lovers from Namibia will travel to Japan to watch Namibia playing live at the ongoing Rugby World Cup, compliments of mobile telecommunication giant, MTC.
The winners were announced today after they emerged victorious from the just ended Rugby World Cup trivia competition that took place from 13 June to 6 September.
The four winners, including their partners, will leave tomorrow with all expenses paid and will get a chance to watch the Welwitschias facing New Zealand’s All Blacks on 6 October, before returning to Namibia on 9 October.

WORLD TRAVELS: MTC has revealed the names of the eight lucky winners who will travel to Japan to watch Namibia playing at the rugby world cup. – Photo by Aili Iilonga

MTC’s Chief Human Capital, Tim Ekandjo congratulated the winners and urged them to enjoy the experience.
“We are excited that you will get a chance to meet the team before and watch them play. Go and represent the 081nation and the country at large,” he said.
One of the winners, Cornelia Du Toit, who could not contain her excitement, said that she is most excited about traveling to Japan for the first time.
She will be taking her daughter along.
“I am so excited. I have never been to Asia so this will be my first time. My daughter is coming down from Cape Town and this will be a chance for us to travel together as mother and daughter,” she said.
The winners are: Toivo Witbooi, Lesley Witbooi, Robanus Amadhila, Julia Amadhila, Betuel Nuuyoma, Sakeus Shaanika, Cornelia Du Toit and Michelle Du Toit.

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