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Omualu brings hope to Omutaku

Omualu brings hope to Omutaku

Maria David

THE Omualu Fishing Company on Friday handed over 300 class chairs and desk to Omutaku companies school in the Ohangwena Region.
The lack of classroom desks and chairs dates back to 2016, while many of the learners were asked to come to school with their own chairs to sit on and those that didn’t have were forced to find an alternative way.
Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Bernhard Easu, said that the chairs and desks will benefit the learners who were reported to be learning while sitting on the floor due to lack of classroom desks and chairs.
According to him, Corporate Social Responsibility is not the main way in which the fishing industry contributes to fisheries wealth distribution for national development.
Easu urge the management of Omutaku Combined School to ensure that these classroom desks and chairs are used properly, and are regularly maintained so that they may last for a long time, for the benefit of the learners.

He also called upon members of the business community, and other well-wishers, to come forward to assist in meeting the many needs in this school.
“This school needs our help, let us come forward and show that we care for our learners,” he said.
Speaking at the same event, Chairman of the Omualu Fishing Company Johannes Nanyeni, said that sea resources are for all Namibians and they need to benefit from what is harvested from the sea.
“The chairs and desks were made by the Eenhana Vocational Training Centre. The money remained in the region as local skill was used,” said Nanyeni.
Nanyeni urged the school management and learners to maintain the chairs and desks for the benefit of the future generation.
Motovac also donated 20 chairs and desks during March, following report by Informanté on the matter, while former learners donated 28 desks and B2Gold give 80 chairs and desks.
The school currently has a total of 770 learners enrolled and only 21 teachers to educate the large number of children.

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