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Trustco uplists in New York

Trustco uplists in New York

Staff Reporter

TRUSTCO a few minutes ago made history by becoming the first Namibian company to list on the OTCQX in the United States allowing Trustco shares to be accessed by US investors in US dollars.

OTC Markets Group welcomes Trustco
Trustco will burst on the international financial scene through its OTCQX-listing in New York where the flagship post-Independence Namibian conglomerate is sharing the stage with international corporates like Lufthansa, Nike, Anglo American and the Zurich International Group.
Trustco is joining a premier few 456 companies from 27 countries in the world on the international financial stage.
Speaking from New York a few minutes ago, Dr. Van Rooyen, said the New York listing is a long cherished dream, but now a reality, it will be daunting to represent Namibia on the financial world stage. “It is a challenge I accept with pride and confidence.’…/otc-markets-group-welcomes-tru…

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