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No electricity at IUM festival

No electricity at IUM festival

Maria David

Exhibitors at the International University Management (IUM) are unhappy over the power shortage some of the stalls are facing.
Ndeshi Wangushu expressed dismay over the lack of proper planning.
“We have been without electricity since Monday, yet we paid our stalls in full,” said Wangushu.
According to her, nobody told them the way forward regarding the matter.
Another exhibitor Angula Zuma Nauyala, said he was very disappointed and that he is losing customers.
“We paid our money and we got no service. I am planning to use electricity from houses nearby which will involve costs again,” said Nauyala.
Some of the exhibitors started making use of generators, despite having been told that this year’s expo has been improved.
The cause of the shortage of electricity is unknown and the organisers are unable to do anything regarding the matter and said that it is only one line that has no electricity.
The festival which started on Monday is expected to conclude on Saturday.

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