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Crimea-Congo hemorrhagic fever contained in Oshikoto

Crimea-Congo hemorrhagic fever contained in Oshikoto

Maria David

MINISTER of Health and Social Service Kalumbi Shangula said Crimea-Congo hemorrhagic Fever simply known as Congo Fever was successfully controlled.
This follows after a case of a suspected Congo Fever was first reported at the Onethika village in Oshikoto Region.
Speaking at Oshakati during an event where the First National Bank donated equipment to the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital, Shangula said the outbreak occurred a few months ago.
However, recently another case was registered in Omusati Region and is believed to have been imported, but the case is being successfully managed.
“MoHSS is time and again challenged by outbreaks and emergencies from within and out,’ he said.
Shangula stated that the borders are porous, more so for communicable diseases.
Furthermore, Shangula stated that MoHSS is battling with Hepatitis E outbreak which is still persisting in most parts of the country.
“As much as we are making good progress in managing illness, we must not lose sight of prevention,” said Shangula.
He noted that Namibians need to work to achieve meaningful Universal Health Coverage.
“We will strengthen clinics, health centres and district hospitals to bring quality services to the communities closer to where they live,” he said, adding that they are striving to have citizens with a clean bill of health.

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