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Itumba question termination from league

Itumba question termination from league

Maria David

THE Coach of the Oshana Regional U17 football team Alexander Itumba has been fired with immediate effect.
In a letter signed by Chairperson of the Oshana Regional Football League (ORFL) Phillip Dala, it is stated that Itumba’s termination follows his conduct against Article 15 (d) of Oshana Regional Football League regulations during regional functions, which also involved trust issues towards top executive members.
However, Itumba questioned his termination, saying he does not see any reason why he was given a letter of termination when he had no contract the ORFL.
“I don’t have any contract with the league, am just a volunteer,” he said, adding that he does not like corruption, as he aims to keep himself clean from corruption.
Itumba, who started with the ORFL as the assistant coach for the U17 team in 2010, said he did enough for the Oshana Region.
He also took up the coaching position for the U20 from 2014 to 2017.
Meanwhile, Dala stated that the termination of Itumba came about, after he was made an ExCo member of Omusati Regional Football league.
“We lust let him go since he is the Omusati member,” said Dala.
He added that Itumba was coaching the Oshana Regional u/17 football team and he was not permanent.

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