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Namibians adopted by residents of Kamitonda

Namibians adopted by residents of Kamitonda

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THE 15 000 residents of Kamitonda, a tiny town located in the Nishimuro District of the Wakayama Prefecture in Japan, has welcomed the Namibian National Rugby Team in their midst and at the same time committed to support the team they are hosting with gusto in line with true Japanese culture.
As the Namibians went for their first practice session at the local stadium one resident of Kamitonda dressed in a shirt emblazoned with the Namibian National Flag and wearing a traditional Samurai helmet met them at the entrance while singing the Namibian National Anthem and holding the flag of his adopted team to show his undying support.
When the team arrived in Kamitonda two days ago, residents lined the streets while waving Namibian flags to cheer them on and to meet their temporarily adopted sons.
Earlier when the Namibians were officially welcomed to Kamitonda a huge Namibian flag made up of 15 000 cranes made out of folded paper and representing the number of residents in the town were on display in the hall where the ceremony took place.

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