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Iconic Grellmann passes on

Iconic Grellmann passes on

Staff Reporter

VOLKER Grellman, founder and long-term President of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) and one of Namibia’s most experienced and well-known hunters and safari operators have passed on earlier on Monday at the age of 77.
In life Grellmann was one of the stalwarts of the Namibian hunting fraternity and played a pioneering role in the establishment of the professional hunting as an industry in Namibia. The iconic hunter and teacher is widely regarded as the father of professional hunting in Namibia.

Pictured: Volker Grellmann – Photo: Contributed

He is also a pioneer in the instruction and tuition aspect of hunting, having trained approximately 800 aspiring hunting guides and professional hunters in Namibia. Besides training professional hunter he played a pioneering role in the development of a curriculum for a hunting-guide course for the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, with the assistance of members of the NAPHA Education Committee, he was allotted the 2001 tender to offer a course for the previously disadvantaged Namibians to do courses to gain official recognition and register with the professional association.
According to a statement by NAPHA Grellmann was born in Germany in 1942. He has been resident in Namibia since 1952, acquiring his Namibian Citizenship in 1993. After marrying Anke in 1966, they had two sons. Now 5 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild later, Volker showed very little sign of slowing down on the work front and was as busy as ever despite having hung up his rifle in exchange for a pen and lecturing.
ANVO “Conservation through selective Hunting” realized in 1970 as a Hunting Consultancy/Agency which later became a fully-fledged hunting safari company for overseas clientele with the name ANVO being derived from ANke and VOlker.
In his illustrious lifelong career he was a founding member of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association in 1974, the SWA National Game Committee in 1980, the Federation of Namibian Tourism Associations, the African Professional Hunters Association, the Conservancy Association Namibia, the Namibian Academy/Training in Hospitality and the Namatanga Conservancy.
Grellmann was the proprietor of ANVO Hunting Safaris since 1970, Eagle Rock Hunting School since 1974, Etango Ranch since 1996, “Eagle Rock” Professional Hunting Academy Namibia since 2000 and the Etango Ranch Guest Farm since 2003.
According to the NAPHA statement Grellmann’s latest projects included the compilation of a book which in essence is a memoir. Proceeds from the book, once completed, will go towards the plight of the Bushmen (San people) in Namibia.
He was also instrumental in and supported various nature and wildlife research projects in Namibia like the leopard, cheetah and alien plants research projects and was also involved in the creation of a registry of a Succulent Nursery with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.
Before his passing Grellmann was also active in environmental and national planning. He worked and assisted with the development of tourism strategies and policies, marketing, training game guards for anti-poaching units in communal areas as well as addressing the development of previously disadvantaged people and human rights issues.

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