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Dark weekend on Namibian roads

Dark weekend on Namibian roads

Niël Terblanché

ALL 14 people that died in the tragic bus accident near Kalkfeld on Friday in one of the darkest weekends with regards to motor vehicle accident deaths in Namibia was identified by the Namibian police.
A total of 23 people died as a result of motor vehicle accidents reported to the Namibian Police since Friday. Of that number 13 people died on the scene of the minibus accident near Kalkfeld. The 14th victim of the accident and driver of the bus succumbed to injuries in a Windhoek hospital on Saturday.
The 47-year-old Werner Beddies was killed instantly when the car he was driving crashed head-on into a heavy transport truck on the road between the Hosea Kutako International Airport and Witvlei on Friday afternoon. He was alone in the car when the incident occurred. The driver of the truck was injured and transported to a Windhoek hospital for emergency medical care.

Four people died as a result of a head-on collision between a double cab bakkie and a seven-seater station-wagon on the road between Otavi and Tsumeb on Saturday afternoon.
On Saturday evening two women and a little baby girl died after they were struck by a vehicle driven by a drunken driver near Outapi.
The Namibian Police has identified the 14 people that died as result of an overloaded minibus that was on its way from Okamatapati to Swakopmund for a church gathering.
The Public Relations Division of the Namibian Police has released the names of the victims of the tragedy.
The driver, who passed away in the Katutura State Hopsital, was identified as Silas Kalola. The 13 passengers on the minibus were the 55year-old Justine Tjiuoro Hijarunguru, Uakasuva Eveline Katjeringo (48), Menesia Kaninganazo (age unknown), Runaa Humbuu Emgard (37), Siegfriend Hausiku (age unknown), Kakuhire Katjeringo (13), Uripi Rukero (29), Mehepa Mbeurora Lipange (14), Hepundjua Rukero (7), Kuvangu Willem (10), Tuhanika Willem (4), Tuauana Isaakone (1) and the six-month-old Vizamuje Kavari.
The minibus that had almost three times as many people on board as it should legally be transporting left the road and overturned after the driver lost control over the vehicle. The loss of control was caused by a rear tyre bursting in a bend in the road.
Five of the minibus passengers along with the driver were critically injured and transported to the intensive care unit of the Katutura Intermediate Hospital in Windhoek early on Saturday morning.
Kalola succumbed to his injuries in Windhoek and his name was added to the list of deceased persons on Saturday.
In the meantime the Police are also still attempting to identify the four people who died on the scene of a head-on collision between Otavi and Tsumeb on Saturday afternoon.

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