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Ohangwena man found with lion skins and smuggled fuel

Ohangwena man found with lion skins and smuggled fuel

Placido Hilukilwa

Photo by Maria David

THE Namibian police in the Ohangwena Region have this morning (Saturday) arrested a male resident of the Ongenga village for the illegal possession of two lion skins and containers of illegally imported Angolan fuel.
Police spokesperson Abner Kaume Itumba said that beside the two lion skins the police also found 11 fuel containers with 25 litres each. “There were also half-empty and empty containers – for a total of 41 containers – all showing signs of being used as fuel smuggling vessels. We also found a 200-litre drum containing some fuel,” said Itumba adding that the detectives were still on the scene and the exact quantity of the fuel will only be known later.
He said that the suspect, who is the owner of the homestead where the illicit fuel and lion skins were found and who is a Person Living With Disabilities (PLWD), is now implicating another man, a 36-year-old resident of Helao Nafidi town as the owner of both the fuel and lion skins.
“We are going to see the man who is being implicated by the suspect, but even if it turns out that he is the real owner, that would still not absolve the first suspect. That would only leave us with two suspects,” said Itumba.

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