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NANSO politically captured

NANSO politically captured

Maria David

MEMBERS of the Namibia National Students Organization (NANSO) in the north have joined the growing chorus of disgruntled students by also abandoning the organisation with immediate effect.
The group of northern students headed by Stephanus Nguluwe held an urgent press conference at Ongwediva, where they announced their withdrawal and at the same time accused the current Nanso leadership of being politically captured.
“From today we washed our hands off NANSO and we want nothing to do with them,” said Ngguluwe.
The students further descripted the NANSO leadership, under Ester Simon as the president, a sell-out in its current form.
They believed NANSO has been derailed, diverted and no longer drive student’s agenda.
One of the student and a chairperson of the Student’s representative Council (SRC) at IUM Michael Mwashindange, alleged that members of the NANSO leadership in Windhoek were seen dancing a political motivated song, while wearing a Swapo party attire, while the organist ion is supposed to accommodate all students irrespective of their political affiliation.
“NANSO has totally lost focus, thus why we are cutting ties with the organization,” said Mwashindange.
Approached for comment, Simon denied that the NANSO is politically captured and has not lost its vision as alleged by some of the members.
“Joining NANSO is on voluntary base and each member are free to resign at any given time,” said Simon.
She noted that many of the allegations are based on people’s personal views and everyone is entitling to their views.
Simon stated that the withdrawal of some of the members will not affect the organization in any way and won’t change the organization outlook.

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