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City Police officer accused of raping teen

City Police officer accused of raping teen

Zorena Jantze

AN aggrieved mother of an teenage rape victim has come out with harrowing details of sexual assault committed against her 16-year-old daughter by a Windhoek City Police officer while his colleagues continue to protect him.

The mother, who cannot be named in order to protect the identity of the victim, recounted the horrors of rape, which allegedly took place between March and May this year. 

The mother stated that despite the fact that the incidents happened over a three months period, her daughter, a high school learner, only confessed 3 weeks ago that she has been repeatedly raped.

Upon learning of the rape incidents, the mother opened a criminal case against the perpetrator on 29 August at the Women and Child abuse unit. 

The mother further explained that the suspect was her male friend that would always bring his son to her place for play dates with her 10-year-old son. 

“A male friend introduced the perpetrator and I over a year ago. He has a son that is 9-years-old and he would bring his boy over on weekends so that our children could play together. We grew close and I even elected him as my daughters godfather in church,” the mother explained. 

What seemed like a blossoming friendship, however, turned ugly when she entrusted the suspect to check on her 16-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son when she left them home alone while out of town to Groot Aub.

“He raped her on three separate occasions. My daughter confessed that the very first incident happed when I was out of town to Groot Aub. The suspect called me and asked whether I was at home. I told him that I was out of town, but that the kids are at home. He offered to buy food and rent a movie for them. I didn’t tell him to sleep over, I merely told him to check on the kids,” the mother explained. 

The officer in question decided to sleep over on the couch.

“The kids, including my young son, the suspect’s son and my teenage daughter decided to take a mattress and lie in the living room while watching a movie. They eventually fell asleep. I don’t know what time exactly, but on that day, my daughter related that the suspect woke her up in the middle of the night and directed her to her bedroom where he proceeded to rape her,” the mother stated. 

According to the victim’s version, the suspect started caressing her and told her that she should not be scared and that everything will be fine as he is only trying to “make her a woman.” 

“He touched her on her clitoris and breasts; she tried to protest him taking off her panties, but he held her mouth shut with his hand, and she just laid there, weak and in shock. How can a man that’s her godfather and whom she calls uncle do this to her?” the aggrieved mother said. 

She further stated that the suspect further tried to destroy evidence that he raped her daughter by instructing the victim to take a shower immediately after the rape. 

He also instructed her not to wear underwear after taking a shower as he didn’t want her to bleed on her panties and cause alarm.

The mother further stated that the suspect allegedly raped her daughter on two more occasions again when her daughter and her son went for a sleep over at his place and the when she went out of town again between the months of April and May. 

“I was out of town. The second incident happened around that time of the Windhoek Karnival known as WIKA. He had to patrol the streets and he even came to pick her up with his police vehicle.  He drove around with the kids, but dropped them home again,” she said. 

The mother added that the suspect, however, later returned at night and instructed the girl to go to her bedroom, where he allegedly raped her again.

The mother states that what makes the rape case more exacerbating is that there has been no arrest made against the City Police officer although a rape charge was opened against him three weeks ago. 

She further stated that she was told that no arrest would be made as the suspect in question is a police officer and as such, an internal enquiry would first have to be conducted.

“The investigating officer said that because the incident happened two months ago, there was no rape kit administered which allows for the gathering of forensic sexual assault evidence and as such there is no direct evidence linking the suspect to the case,” the frustrated mother said. 

She further stated that she would like to see justice served, as she believes that because the suspect is an officer of the law, he does well in covering his tracks.

“How can he walk around a free man after rape charges were laid against him, just because he is an officer? Government said children should be protected, however, the Namibian police are failing my daughter,” the mother said. 

Representing the aggrieved rape victim’s mother, chairperson of the Namibia Women’s Lawyers Association, Ruth Herunga stated that from a legal perspective, the fact that the incident happened three months ago should not matter.

“The reason we go to the police is so that an arrest can be made. The system is failing her,” Herunga said.

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