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Man imprisoned for stealing towels and bedding

Man imprisoned for stealing towels and bedding

Eba Kandovazu

THE 36-year-old Alfons Khomob from Outjo will be spending the next four years of his life in jail after he admitted to stealing towels and sheets from a lodge in the town.
Khomob was arrested last weekend after he was caught red handed. He then appeared in court on Monday where he admitted all the elements in the state’s allegations. Khomob was subsequently convicted and sentenced to four years in jail for the housebreaking charge before Magistrate Immanuel Udjombala.

LAW and ORDER: Outjo Magistrate Immanuel Udjombala. Photo: Contributed

In his defence, Khomob said he stole the items which are valued at N$5 000 to sell them for his daughter’s funeral arrangements. Appearing without the aid of a defence attorney, Khomob pleaded for a suspended sentence but was denied this on the basis of his previous clashes with the law.
His daughter who recently passed on was seven years old. Khomob has previous theft and housebreaking charges on which he was convicted. He has also previously escaped from lawful custody.
“I take note and sympathise with the accused for the loss of his daughter, however, for the accused to indicate or deduce that he went to steal to buy food for the funeral is a shame. It is a shame that he is using his daughter’s death to commit the offence. The court notices that he was on several previous occasions been sentenced for theft which in my view goes hand in hand with housebreaking. The sentence imposed today should act as deterrence to the accused and would-be offenders,” Magistrate Udjombala ruled.

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