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Baby not abandoned – Aiyambo

Baby not abandoned – Aiyambo

Maria David

THE little baby boy of only a few months old, who was found placed in bushes on Monday evening in the Okakola village near Onampila, was not truly abandoned as reported to the Namibian Police Force in Oshana on Tuesday.
This was revealed by Inspector Thomas Aiyambo of the Namibian Police Force’s Public Relations Unit in the Oshana Region, during Informante follow-up on the matter.
Aiyambo stated that the information given to them was false as the mother of the baby was found, after she went to Oshikuku Hospital in search of her baby.
“The baby was not abandoned or dumped, but was left with the friend of the mother while the two ladies were at a cuca shop,” said Aiyambo.
He noted that the mother of the baby left the friend with the baby while she went to look for drinks at another cuca shop in the same vicinity.
“Upon her return, the mother could not find her child because she missed the woman she left the baby with because they used different paths to walk on,” he added.
According to Aiyambo, the mother’s friend walked up to nearby road sign which indicates the border of the Oshana Region and called the police claiming that the baby was discovered in the bushes alongside the Oshakati-Oshikuku main road.
“In the meantime the mother went to the hospital looking for her baby and was informed that the child was discovered on Monday evening,” citied Aiyambo.
Aiyambo also noted that the woman was arrested, but was released on Wednesday upon finding that the baby boy was not truly abandoned as was claimed by her friend.
She is expected to get her baby once he is discharged from the Oshakati intermediate hospital, where the baby is currently receiving treatment.

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