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Pupkewitz foundation donates to ORC

Pupkewitz foundation donates to ORC

Maria David

IN response to the government’s drought relief assistance call, Pupkewitz Foundation on Tuesday donated food items to Ohangwena Regional Council Worth N$13 122.22 for drought-stricken communities of Ohangwena region.
Handing over the donation, Unique Kohlman, said the donation is part of their social responsibility to meet the government half way by assisting the needy during the drought.
The company donated the food items at the value of over N$ 13 000.
Food items will be distributed to the drought stricken communities in the Region under the Government Drought Relief Program.
The company through its trust donated 510 tins of fish, 500 cans of beans and 255 bottles of cooking oil.
Receiving the donations, Ohangwena Regional Council Chief Regional Officer Fillipus Shilongo said there are that the donation will be divided equally to the 12 constituencies.
“Most of our people live in rural areas and depend, as a result they depend more on rain, which didn’t occur and left many people hungry,” said Shilongo.
According to Shilongo, there are 38 116 people that are registered as most affected people in the region, however only 3 314 people benefit from the program.
However, they are face with the deficit of food supply for the 38 116 people who are hit hard by the drought situation in the region and only get a supply for 3 314 people that benefit from the program.
Also speaking at the occasion, Oshikango constituency councillor Fillippus Namundjebo has urged business communities to emulate the good examples set by Pupkewitz Foundation and offer a helping hand to the needy.

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