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Ombudsman clarifies re-entry requirements

Ombudsman clarifies re-entry requirements

Staff Reporter

AFFECTED holders of Permanent Resident Permits (PRP) are informed that they do not have to be in possession of a re-entry visa, unless it is required by the country they are visiting.
Spokesperson in the office of the Ombudsman, Aurelia David, said their office is inundated on a regular basis with complaints and enquiries from Namibian PRP holders.
These complaints, she said, mostly include the requirement to be in possession of a re-entry visa, as well as the renewal of the said visa, at a cost to the permit holder every two years.

Re-entry visa not needed: Photo for illustration.

“This serves as a guarantee to the said country that the individual will and is allowed to return to Namibia after their visit. In such a case, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration on request of the PRP holder will issue such a visa upon payment of the prescribed fees,” she said.
David added that the ministry will further inform all the ports of entry in order to avoid any inconveniences.
“The Ombudsman therefore advises PRP holders that there is no need to apply for re-entry visas unless they are required to have one by the country, which they plan on visiting,” concluded David.

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