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Confiscated vehicles to be auctioned off

Confiscated vehicles to be auctioned off

Staff Reporter

Cabinet has approved the disposal of vehicles confiscated by the Directorate of Customs and Excise after it was illegally registered in Namibia without the proper import documentation through public auction.
The disposal of the illegal vehicles will be done in accordance with Government Gazette No. 3334 of December 2004, which prohibits the import of motor vehicles older than five years into Namibia; and Gazette no. 5293 of September 2013 which prohibits the import into Namibia of second hand motor vehicles older than eight years.
The Directorate of Customs and Excise has since 2014 registered cases of vehicles in transit to neighbouring countries through the Port of Walvis Bay being illegally diverted and registered with the Namibia Traffic Information System.

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Investigation by the custom directorate discovered that the illicit motor vehicles were registered in the names of Namibian citizens with the assistance of corrupt Natis employees, foreign nationals and clearing agents, as well as certain customs officials.
Many of the in-transit vehicles that were declared at the port of Walvis Bay and destined for neighbouring countries such as Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe, did not exit Namibia to their countries of destination, while others were sold to Namibian citizens.
Currently, 763 vehicles have been recorded as illegally diverted into Namibia. These vehicles will be disposed of at the public auction, should their owners fail to settle the customs and excise duties, while a further 132 vehicles were abandoned to the State at Walvis Bay Customs Office. According to the Ministry of Finance vehicles that were not confiscated by the custom officials due to shortage of storage facilities, but which were recorded and listed as vehicles diverted into Namibia, would also be disposed of.

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