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Components of Mohembo Bridge gets stuck in Walvis Bay

Components of Mohembo Bridge gets stuck in Walvis Bay

Niël Terblanché

MOBILE cranes had to be deployed in the streets of Walvis Bay to remove a gigantic component of a bridge under construction in North western Botswana from a heavy duty trailer that broke down about two kilometres from the port.
The huge piece of the Mohembo Bridge was one of two left in Botswana’s Dry Port facility that needed to be transported to the construction site.
Most of the components arrived in the port of Walvis Bay on the Nomadic Milde vessel in the first week of June this year and since then has been carted away on the back of 158 trucks. The final two components both weighing 85 tonnes were left for last.
Because of the size of the two components two abnormal load low bed trailers accompanied by escort vehicles and traffic officials started the long journey but about two kilometres from the dry port facility one of heavy duty trailers broke down.

One of the huge mobile cranes of Walvis Bay Plant and Tool Hire had to lift the component off the low bed trailer and then lifted it onto another heavy duty trailer to be transported to a holding yard in Walvis Bay until the transport company, Coleman Transport, could send another low bed trailer with the capacity to carry the 85 tonnes of steel.
Mohembo is a small town in the north-western corner of Botswana, within a few kilometres of the Mahango border post with Namibia. It sustains a substantial human population most of whom lives on the banks of the Kavango River. To date, all traffic from Mohembo crossing the river had to make use of two large motorised barges departing from a makeshift landing platform on the river bank.
The 1, 2 kilometre long bridge which has been under construction since November 2016 will connect villages on the banks of the Cubango River (Kavango River) in Botswana with the rest of the country.
Once completed the Mohembo Bridge will ensure the smooth transport of trade goods across the river and at the same time facilitate reliable access to amongst others health and education services for river dwelling locals. The bridge will also facilitate the expansion of future road network infrastructure and improve tourism in the area.

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