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Law defying police officer arrested

Law defying police officer arrested

Niël Terblanché

A NAMIBIAN Police Officer attached to Very Important Persons Protection Division in the Khomas Region was found in possession dagga during a stop and search operation in Swakopmund on Saturday.
According to the report about the incident the 33-year-old VIPPD officer was accosted in Dr Schwietering Street in the Mondesa suburb of Swakopmund by soldiers and police officers executing their duties during Operation Kalahari Desert

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Five grams of cannabis valued at N$50 was found in the policeman’s possession during a body search conducted on him.
The officer was subsequently charged with possession of illicit drugs and appeared on in the Swakopmund Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.
During the first phase of the joint crime combating operation in June this year several police officers and a soldier were arrested for defeating and obstructing the course of justice after refusing to submit to body searches during stop and search activities on the streets of Windhoek. The officers in question elected to fight members of the police-led operation and were arrested as a result.
Meanwhile the police at Onayena are looking for one of their colleagues who is alleged to have stolen money that was sent to him in good faith by the families of two trial awaiting prisoners locked up at the Omuthiya Police Station’s holding cells after he promised to help them pay bail.
According to the Police Public Relations Division the officer, who is attached to Onayena Criminal Investigation Unit and was last seen on the 15th of August, received N$1 000 via an E-wallet and N$1 000 via a Blue-wallet money transfers.
The officer was meant to hand the money to the prisoners to enable them to pay bail which the two detainees had been granted.
The suspect never delivered the money as he promised the families and has not returned to work since receiving the money.
Charges of theft are being investigated by the suspected policeman’s colleagues.

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