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Namibia needs better boxing referees

Namibia needs better boxing referees

Maria David

THE coach of the Clyde Musanda boxing team based in Zimbabwe, Simon Sankulani, has called on the Namibian Boxing Control Board (NBCB) to reshuffle its refereeing team, following a match at the Ongwediva Trade Fair Centre on Saturday.
Sankulani made these remarks after the fight between Harry Simon Junior and his opponent from Zimbabwe, Phillip Musariri, was stopped in the second round. The referee declared Simon as the winner by technical knockout.

The Zimbabwean coach said that the technical knock-out was the result of poor refereeing in Namibia as the officials focus more on protecting their boxers than being fair. He added that the board needs to suspend its referee because the fight was not fair.
Musariri, who stormed out of the ring said that it’s was not fair and for the referee to end the bout while he was still defending himself. He did the same in the first round but the fight was not called off then.
“Namibians are too biased. If they continue with that trend of favoring their boxers they won’t go anywhere and they will continue being defeated every time they are outside the country,” said Coach Sankulai, adding that they are killing their own boxers.
Another boxer Chikondi Makawa from Malawi stated that he was disappointed by the way the match is being refereed and how the Namibian fighters are being favored.
“If they continue with that trend we will not want to come for boxing in Namibia again as they only promote favoritism,” said Makawa, adding that what they are doing is not sport at all.
Approached for comment, Nestor Tobias of the Sunshine Boxing Academy, said that its part of the sport and all they can do is celebrate as the referee was the one that made the call.

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