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Sand storms in the desert

Sand storms in the desert

Video: The ship-to-shore cranes on the new container terminal enveloped in clouds of dust brought on by strong east wind conditions at the coast. – Footage: Niël Terblancé

Niël Terblanché
SAND and dust clouds enveloped central coastal towns since midmorning on Tuesday as warm berg winds descended from the central highland of Namibia in full force.
According to Odilo Kgobetsi, chief forecaster of the Namibia Meteorological Service, very high temperatures associated with the east wind is expected for the next three to four days. He said that central coastal towns can expect temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius over the coming days.
“Our station in Walvis Bay shows a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius while in Lüderitz the temperature is just below 34 degrees. Henties Bay is measuring about 35 degrees Celsius,” he said.
Kgobetsi said that maximum temperatures could go as high as 39 degrees in the afternoon but he indicated that the temperatures will be milder during the evenings.
“Most of the Namib Desert will be prone to sand and dust storms which could negatively influence visibility on th main roads,” Kgobetsi said.
He said that fresh windy and warm to hot conditions can be expected over most of the other parts of Namibia for today and tomorrow.

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