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Prisoner phone calls will be better controlled

Prisoner phone calls will be better controlled

Marthina Mutanga
PRISONERS serving time will henceforth have their phone calls controlled which will ensure that the Ministry of Safety and Security will not have to deal with inflated telephone bills on behalf of the inmates.
Special pre-paid telephones have been installed at correctional facilities. The installation of the new telephones at prisons was was done as a collaboration between the Namibian Correctional Service, Telio, a German-based telecommunications company and CSS Tactical Security, a Namibian-based company.

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Namibia Correctional Service (NCS) Head of Directorate: central staff, Commissioner Sam Shaalulange, noted that the installation of the Telio offender telephone system came about after the NSC identified the need for prisoners to have access to a telephone system that can be controlled. The new telephone system has surveillance capabilities which means calls can be monitored at all times.
According Commissioner Shaalulange the system worldwide has proven not only effective in reducing the government telephone bills, but also goes a long way in reducing security incidents in correctional facilities.
“Prisoners will be able to make pre-paid telephone calls only to a limited list of numbers that are registered into the system as per their choice. The system also has recording capabilities to retrieve conversations should there be any irregularities noted or investigations to be done,” he explained.
Currently, the cost of making telephone calls is borne by government and there is also a lot of smuggling of mobile phones into the correctional facilities which allows for offenders to make uncontrolled calls which leads to illegal activity.
“Hence, the introduction of this system will not only reduce untoward incidents, but will also improve family ties which are critical in the rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders,” Shaalulange concluded.

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