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Oshakati cop accused of tribalism

Oshakati cop accused of tribalism

Placido Hilukilwa
THE Namibian Police have launched an internal investigation following an alleged incident of tribalism at Oshakati Wednesday evening.
It is alleged that a female member of the VIP Protection unit, who was on a night shift at the State House at Oshakati, had to go back home because a male officer expressed discomfort being on the same shift with an Oshikwanyama-speaking colleague.
Impeccable police sources have revealed to Informanté that a certain VIPP officer – whom they identified as Kauna Shikongo – has a habit of expressing his dislike of Oshikwanyama-speaking Namibians, but colleagues have always downplayed his views as “a bad taste joke”.
However, they said that Shikongo went too far Wednesday evening when he chased a female colleague away because of her tribal origin.
“She initially came up with an excuse that she cannot go back home because she had no taxi money, but Shikongo gave her taxi money and ordered her to leave immediately,” sources said.
When approached for comment, the alleged victim whose name is known to Informanté, did not want to talk about the incident. Instead, she wanted to know how we obtained her contact details.
However, one of her colleagues confirmed the incident and described it as “an embarrassment”.
Oshana Police Regional Commander, Commissioner Rauha Amwele, said that she was on a mission outside the region and was not yet informed about the tribally motivated incident.
It is not yet clear why the two officers’ immediate superior did not intervene.
Police sources close to the VIP unit confirmed that an impromptu meeting was convoked Thursday morning where the matter was discussed and disciplinary measures recommended.
Shikongo might face additional charges of insubordination because he allegedly consistently refuses to follow orders from his immediate commander who too is Oshikwanyama speaking.

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