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109-year-old woman succumbs to burn wounds

109-year-old woman succumbs to burn wounds

Placido Hilukilwa
A BLIND 109-year-old female resident of the Oshilemba village in the Otamanzi cinstituency of the Omusati Region succumbed to burn wounds she sustained when she walked to the kitchen on her own after her daughter and owner of the house left her alone with small kids while she went to socialize at nearby shebeens.
According to the police, the elderly Hilma Nuujoma suffered serious burn wounds after her clothes caught fire when she ventured into the kitchen during her daughter’s prolonged absence, probably looking for food for herself or for the little kids.

Photo: For illustrative purposes only

Omusati police spokesperson Inspector Lineekela Shikongo said that the daughter left to the shebeens on 9 August at around 08:00 and only returned after 14:00 the same day and found her mother laying in her sleeping room with serious burn wounds.
Nuujoma was rushed to the Okahao district hospital and immediately transferred to the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital where she succumbed to the wounds the next day.
“Before she died, she spoke about what happened to her. She said that she went to the kitchen and that her skirt caught fire,” said police Inspector Shikongo.
In a separate incident, also in the Omusati Region, 47-year-old Ndapewoshali Haihambo suffered serious burn wounds while she was preparing lunch in her homestead in the Ehembe village in the Etayi constituency on 27 July.
It is alleged that her clothes also caught fire without her noticing it and when she realized that she was in danger she took off the burning clothes and ran to the neighbouring homestead for help.
The neighbours took her to the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital but she unfortunately died the next day.

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