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Hoff claims N$1 Million for neglect of horses

Hoff claims N$1 Million for neglect of horses

Eba Kandovazu
A WINDHOEK woman who was serving a sentence of community service for the attempted murder of her husband in 2011 is now suing him for N$1 million for the neglect of 27 horses and the subsequent death of three of the animals which were under his care between 2011 and 2017.
Susanne Hoff, who in 2017 was sentenced to pay a fine of N$30 000 or six months in jail and alternatively perform 300 hours of community service is claiming that her ex-husband Egbert Hoff assured her that the relevant and necessary vaccinations for rabies, African horse sickness and tetanus were administered on the horses when they in fact were not. Hoff last year successfully appealed her conviction.

Pictured: Susanne Hoff – Photo: Contributed

“As a result, I must cause to have a veterinarian attend to the necessary follow up vaccinations every six months as opposed to 12 months for a period of three years to fully immunize the horses. Had the defendant caused to have the vaccinations administered during 2011 and 2017, the additional vaccinations would not have been necessary,” Hoff’s affidavit reads.
Each horse will require three vaccinations in six months for the next three years, she argues. An amount of N$23 778.30 for each vaccination and follow-up will be needed in total. The loss incurred on Hoff as a result of the three dead horses amounts to N$110 000.
She claims that a total of N$515 000 will be lost as a result of the decreased value of the remaining horses because of the elevated risk of contracting diseases as they will not have any ‘reasonable commercial value’. According to her, she can no longer sell them but can only donate them as a result of this.
Hoff claims payments in the amounts of N$71 334.90, N$110 000, N$515 000 and N$358 627 with interest on each of the amounts calculated at a rate of 20% per annum from date of judgement until date of payment.

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